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When it comes to doing business, whether locally or globally, a reliable, high-speed Internet service is non-negotiable. Paratus offers unparalleled Internet quality, with lower latencies and direct peering with the largest internatinoal Internet providers. With no third parties and no dependcy upon a single provider dependency means we offer unsurpassed uptimes with multiple international routes connecting you to the Internet.

Paratus is a full-service quality network that connects customers on the continent and internationally.  We have a contiguous footprint through our country operations in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia and have additional international points-of-presence in Johannesburg (South Africa), Lisbon (Portugal), and London (UK).

Our fiber network connects the East and West coast – from Swakopmund in Namibia to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. We own and manage 7,000 km+ of fiber, which we are extending all the time.  

Our extended network provides satellite connectivity to 6000 terminals in 35 African countries in central and west Africa. Through Africa’s largest infrastructure network, we offer an end-to-end, single-point service solution, which is backed by exceptional and 24/7 customer service.

We are constantly pioneering and innovating, delivering new technologies and digital infrastructure so that our customers, in turn, may be reassured of the highest quality and unbroken service for all their business transactions.


Expanding your horizons


Your connection to high-speed success

Isn’t it time your business enjoyed bullet-fast connectivity? Fiber, with high speed access and reliable connectivity, will give your business the heavy-hitting connectivity it needs to stay ahead in a competitive world.

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Paratus Africa Mozambique - Wirelss Connection


Give your business a performance advantage.

Paratus offers fixed wireless solutions to give your business constant, reliable and fast Internet connectivity. Our experience and commitment to service excellence means high-speed downloads and connectivity you can count on. All with 24/7 support.


Connectivity – where and when you need it.

At Paratus, our business is keeping your business connected, wherever you are. Satellite is playing a vital role in Africa’s connectivity, bridging the gaps left by traditional terrestrial and radio access networks. And Paratus is leading the way with our vast experience and commitment to quality. Get reliability, affordability and a quality connection wherever you are, backed by a professional team with 24/7 support.

Paratus is an Authorised Reseller of Starlink Business Solutions

Paratus Africa Mozambique - Satellite Connection
Paratus Africa Mozambique - WAN MPLS


Keep your business traffic flowing with a reliable connection.

Establish secure, private, reliable VPN connectivity via Paratus’ global MPLS network rooted in Africa. With Service Level Agreements (SLA) and our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) support, we ensure the best possible WAN performance and uptime for your business.

MPLS benefits include:

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