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Paratus – Internet Technologies Angola offers connectivity solutions that allows your company to stay connected to the Internet at all times through Fiber, Microwave and Satellite technologies, which guarantees stability, security and the necessary capacity your business needs.

Our Fiber service network covers the entire country, from the North (Massabi, Cabinda) to the South (Santa Clara, Cunene) and from the East (Luau, Moxico) to the West (Lobito, Benguela). This network is further complemented by various Microwave and Satellite links, thus guaranteeing total coverage of Angola with resilience.

Internet services are accessed via local Fiber and microwave access points, with 200 points of presence in Angola. We ensure that even the most remote areas are covered by our Satellite services.


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Solutions for companies

Solutions for companies


Utilising fiber and/or wireless technologies, this is the ideal solution for businesses that require high-speed connectivity with low latency. Companies that need remote access to servers and applications located in their headquarters will benefit greatly from using this service.


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Paratus Africa Angola Internet Silver

Solutions for companies


The Silver option is a cost-effective solution for companies that need access to the Internet as well as e-mail. This option also includes Satellite backup.

Solutions for companies


Paratus offers Internet services via Satellite, either dedicated or shared, in various parts of Angola, in both C-band and in KU Band, which is directed to our IDirect Evolution Hub in the UK.

Paratus Gold
KU & C Band

With a usage ratio of containment 1:1, this solution enables companies to implement high-speed applications such as ERPs, Voice over IP (VoIP) and video conferencing.

Paratus Silver
KU & C Band

This is suitable for medium-sized enterprises and NGOs that require a higher transfer rate in sending and receiving bits packets. The containment ratio applied for this service is 1:3.

Paratus KU Bronze

This service via Satellite is suitable for customers that require a more affordable Internet solution. The ratio of restrain applied for this service is 1:10.

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