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1) Introduction

In the spirit of promoting the highest level of professional and ethical conduct, this DISPUTE RESOLUTION POLICY was adopted by the Board of Paratus Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd (herein referred to as “Paratus”), who resolved that each overseeing individual and staff member of the company should abide by the provisions of this policy and pledge their cooperation and commitment thereto. 

The formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are dealt with fairly, consistently and whenever reasonably possible to the complainant’s satisfaction.


2) Basic Principles of the Complaints/Dispute resolution System 

Paratus is committed to maintain a complaint/dispute resolution system and procedures based on the following:

  1. Making a complaint (which we regard as “a clear expression of dissatisfaction that requires a formal response”) is as easy as possible;
  2. We deal with it promptly, politely and confidentially (when appropriate);
  3. We learn from complaints and use them to improve our service;
  4. All informal concerns are resolved informally and speedily;
  5. Maintenance of a comprehensive complaints/dispute policy that outlines Paratus’ commitment to, and system and procedures for resolution of complaints;
  6. Transparency and visibility, ensuring that clients have full knowledge of the procedures for resolution of their complaints/disputes;
  7. Accessibility of facilities, ensuring the existence of easy access to such procedures through email, postal, telephone or electronic helpdesk support; and
  8. Fairness, ensuring that a resolution of a complaint/dispute has followed due process and the is fair to both clients and Paratus and its staff.

3) How to Lodge a Complaint or Dispute 

Any client who feels that he/she has been prejudiced in any way by Paratus or its staff and who wishes to lodge a complaint or dispute against Paratus must do so in writing to Paratus first, as well as provide full details accompanied by supporting documentation. At a minimum the client should provide:

  1. Bring the complaint in writing to Paratus’ attention within fourteen (14) days from the issue arising;
  2. Raise the complaint formally via the Support / Network Operations Centre / Helpdesk System and receive a ticket number;
  3. Explain the problem in sufficient detail and provide:
    • Company Name and/or Full names
    • Company registration number and/or Omang number
    • Address
    • Agreement number, Service Schedule Number (if applicable)
    • Details of the dispute including date and time if applicable and the particular service that is affected.
  • Allow Paratus fourteen (14) days to deal with the matter.

NOTE: As per BOCRA compliant handling guidelines, the Service Provider should be contacted and only failing resolution may the complaint be escalated to BOCRA.

4) Internal Procedure for Handling a Complaint or Dispute

Once a complaint is received from a client, the staff member receiving the complaint will:

  1. Record the complaint in the system recording all the details as per above;
  2. Highlight the complaint to the Senior Administrator and Management
  3. Acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing to the client within 1 week of receipt of the complaint;
  4. Delegate the complaint/dispute to an appropriate person (if applicable);
  5. Investigate and give proper consideration;
  6. Supervise and control the consideration process;
  7. Resolve the complaint successfully and to the satisfaction of the client as soon as possible and informing the client of the outcome;
  8. Offer a full and appropriate level of redress to the client without delay;
  9. Update the complaint in the system;
  10. Amend procedures accordingly if required;

5) Failure to Resolve a Complaint or Dispute 

If the complaint is not receiving the necessary attention in the Client’s opinion the attached escalation matrix should be followed.

Should the complaint fail to be resolved in favour of the client the officer must act as follows:

  1. Inform the client that the complaint/dispute could not be resolved in his/her favour;
  2. Furnish the client with full written reasons;
  3. Update the complaint in the system;
  4. Request that the client confirm in writing if the dispute resolution is not acceptable.

If the client remains dissatisfied after exhausting all the escalation options, the complaint can be directed to BOCRA as per the attached procedure.

Escalation Matrix


Function / Title



Network Operations Centre (NOC) /Helpdesk 

Engineer on Duty


NOC Manager

Gorata Molelowatladi


Planning & Support Manager

Yvonne Juice


Head of Network Operations

Chris Premeji


Managing Director

Shawn Bruwer

Landline: +267 391 2345 | +267 397 5030


Complaint Handling Procedures

BOCRA continues to monitor the quality of service provided by licensees. To this end, the BOCRA has developed Quality of Service Guidelines for operators with a view to improve and maintain service quality by identifying service deficiencies, specifying network service quality parameters, improving operations, performance and networks. In the event that you are not satisfied with the service provided by your service provider, you may wish to lodge a complaint against the service provider concerned. You should approach your service provider first for assistance.

BOCRA will investigate a consumer complaint against a service provider if there is sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case on possible breaches of any provisions under the Communications Regulatory Authority Act 2012 or any conditions under the operators licence.

Customers are advised to obtain and familiarise themselves with the complaints handling processes of the respective service providers.


Step 1: Address The Complaint To The Service Provider

Consumers will first address their complaints to the appropriate service provider. Consumers should first explore and exhaust all possible channels of remedy available within the operator(s) before any reference to the BOCRA.


Step 2 : Ask The Service Provider For The Time It Will Take To Resolve The Complaint

Consumers should ask the operator(s) to state the period within which complaints will be resolved. Complaints to an operator will be resolved within the time frame as stipulated by the service provider. Any deviation should be accompanied by a written explanation to the complainant.


Step 3 : Keep Copies Of Correspondence Of The Complaint

It is important that complainants keep records of all correspondence between themselves and the operators. Where possible, complainants should request service providers to acknowledge receipt by stamping their copies of complaint letter.


Step 4 : Escalate Complaint To The Highest Level Within The Service Provider

If a complaint is not resolved in the first instance, the consumer should request for the complaint to be escalated to a higher level in line with the Operators Guidelines for Handling Complaints.


Step 5 : Escalate The Complaint To BOCRA

Where the operator has not satisfactorily resolved a complaint, the consumer should refer that complaint to the BOCRA.

The Notification about the referred complaint shall include the following:

  • The names and addresses of the parties involved
  • A brief statement of facts on the complaint
  • Copies of any relevant supporting documents
  • The relief or remedy sought

Complaints may be brought to the BOCRA by post, hand delivery, email or fax to the following address:

The Chief Executive
Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority
Plot No. 206/207, Independence Avenue
Private Bag 00495, Gaborone
Tel: +267 395 7755
Fax: +267 395 7976


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