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voice solutions

Paratus is Botswana’s leading managed voice provider with various solutions to cater for any voice requirements you may have. Whether it’s PABX, mobile LCR or custom solutions, we offer the full range of services to ensure you never miss a call. Backed by world-leading service and support, you can trust us for reliable, affordable voice solutions.
Paratus Africa Botswana -Voice & PBX Solutions

PBX and Call Centre

As an award-winning partner to some of the best known PBX brands in the business, Paratus can offer you unmatched turnkey PBX solutions from SMME to Multi-National Corporates with multiple branches. Be it physical on-site PBX or a soft PBX in a virtual environment, or a SIP trunk for your national and international voice routing, we can do it.

Mobile LCR

(Least Cost Routing)

We have significant savings for your business with our Least Cost Routing services. Allow Paratus to route your calls as we will ensure you receive the lowest price per destination. Customers can realise savings of up to 30% of their voice call costs. More than 80% of outbound business calls are to mobile numbers. Paratus offers Botswana’s only Fiber LCR NNI which means we no longer deploy archaic sim-card MUX boxes that are prone to failure and lack scalability. Our services are built on the latest SIP technology allowing us to route mobile calls directly to the mobile service providers.

Benefits include instant scalability, proactive management, call, reporting, higher uptimes as well as inbound calling.

National & international LCR

(Least Cost Routing) DID (Direct Inward Dialling)

Paratus’ national and international LCR offers you savings on most destinations. Paratus will provide a SIP trunk to your PBX. All mobile and international calls can be routed to Paratus and we will provide the Least Cost Routing (LCR). All calls to international destinations and mobile will provide you with a saving per minute.

Direct Inward Dialing


Paratus can provide you with Direct Inward Dialling (DID) services. This allows you to have various numbers in the organisation that can be reached directly from outside, bypassing the call centre. This is particularly useful for sales agents or collections particularly when the call has been routed via the mobile networks. This functionality allows a customer to call back when missing a call.

Mobile Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers provided as part of the Mobile LCR service, are unique and can be advertised just like any other numbers. Customers prefer calling a mobile number due to the cost savings and has the added benefit of being a national number.

Custom solutions

Have a unique requirement? Paratus have deployed various customised voice solutions. Paratus can host your BTC numbers removing all complexity on site.

Connect to us via IP using SIP to keep your voice channels scalable and easy to manage. Paratus will take care of all your voice routing, providing you with savings on your national and international calls. Providing superior voice quality and a reliable connection.

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