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Home Internet Safety with Paratus Botswana

Paratus Botswana recognises the importance of internet safety, leading to the development of an initiative aimed at educating parents and children about online safety.


This initiative, launched in April, includes weekly informative tips for parents shared on the Paratus Facebook page and the creation of an interactive board game called Cables & Ladders. Additionally, Paratus is sponsoring a popular kids’ feature “Just Kiddin” on Yarona FM’s weekday morning show at 6:45 am, furthering the company’s commitment to promoting online safety.

As a leading provider of connectivity services, including fiber to the home (FTTB) and wireless solutions, Paratus believes it’s crucial to promote internet safety for both our customers and the general public. The goal is to provide parents with valuable resources and information to help protect their families online while also making the learning experience about internet safety enjoyable for children through the board game.

The Paratus Cables & Ladders board game is specifically designed to make learning about internet safety fun and interactive. The game presents players with a mix of risky and safe actions, risky actions may cause players to move backward on the board, while safe actions move them upward on ladders, bringing them closer to the winning end spot. Through navigating these challenges and rewards in the game, children can learn valuable lessons about online safety in a playful manner.


Snapshot of Paratus Cables & Ladders board game.


By combining education, engagement and outreach efforts, Paratus Botswana is committed to creating a safer online environment for children and families.

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