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Paratus Botswana connects Super 5 Football Centre

Paratus, a leading telecommunications solutions provider, is providing internet connectivity at the Super 5 Football Centre in Molapo Crossing. This sponsorship underscores the commitment by Paratus Botswana to support youth-centric and sports initiatives that promote active lifestyles within the communities it serves.

The Super 5 Football Centre, established in 2015, has rapidly become the premier 5-a-side football facility in Gaborone. It is known for its exceptional coaching programs tailored to men, women and children, as well as its highly esteemed 5-a-side football leagues. These leagues cater to a diverse range of teams, including corporate, social and junior teams fostering inclusivity and a shared passion for the game.

Paratus has equipped the facility with high-speed Wi-Fi internet, benefiting not only the administrative operations, but also the experience for all players, visitors and attendees.

The Facility Manager at the Super 5 Centre, Swift Mpoloka says: “Having Paratus as our trusted technology partner, we’re confident that our players, staff and fans will enjoy an unparalleled online experience. They are now empowered to connect, engage and deliver exceptional football experiences both on and off the field.”

As a further acknowledgement of the sponsorship, the Paratus football team will participate in the Corporate League hosted by the Centre. Paratus also plans to host sports activities at the Super 5 Centre, including a one-day 5-a-side tournament for neighbourhood kids as well as an ISP tournament. The aim of these events is to encourage community engagement and promote a love for football among diverse groups.

Managing Director for Paratus Botswana, Shawn Bruwer adds: “Paratus is committed to Botswana. Our significant investment in infrastructure such as our fiber network, is complemented by our social investment. By providing community connections, by helping to promote active lifestyles and by delivering quality services to our customers and our partners, we are transforming connectivity in Africa.”

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