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Our World is

constantly growing,

always finding new ways to get things done, always making new connections. Botswana is no different.
Our country inspires and challenges us. Which is why we go the extra mile to meet opportunity head-on and bring connectivity to you and your enterprise. At Paratus Botswana, we are always pushing the limits, to keep you connected to your ambitions, your world, your future.

We are the
unlimited network.

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Ambitions as big as our African continent.


The Paratus Story
As a company born and bred in Africa, we understand the opportunities that Africa offers. Opportunities to create your own rules, break boundaries and live and work without limits. Which is why we work every day to keep growing and raising the benchmark for connectivity on our continent. Connectivity is the conduit between opportunity and success. And we work to deliver both. We deliver world-class technology through passionate and committed employees, who ensure that each customer experience is a valuable one.

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From humble beginnings, Paratus has grown into a full-service network spanning the African continent and connecting customers internationally. Our business is managed by a passionate, skilled operational team across 7 African countries - Angola, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. Our extended network reaches further through satellite connectivity for Africa, by Africans. We connect more than 35 African countries with ICT products and services.

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Connecting our country,
our continent, our world.



From Gaborone to the Kgalagadi to Central Kalahari and beyond, Paratus has Botswana covered. We provide our nation with leading voice, Internet, satellite and hosting solutions that support the ambitions of enterprises, big and small.

As owners and managers of Africa’s largest infrastructure network, we are uniquely positioned to offer a double routing system that makes double sure that your business enjoys a quality, stable connection at all times.

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Service Overview

Paratus Botswana is the leading supplier of connectivity, voice, Internet, cloud and satellite services in the region.

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National and International Networks

The complete range of solutions no matter what your connectivity needs.

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Bullet-fast, reliable Internet that connects your enterprise to success. Read More

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Hosted Services

Cloud Solutions that scale with your business - reducing risk and cost.

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Voice and PBX

Reliable connectivity options that combine high quality with affordability. Read More

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Satellite (VSAT)

World-leading connectivity – anywhere you need it.

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Structured Cabling

A lasting investment that keeps your staff reliably connected.

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The support you need,

when you need it.

It’s not easy starting and growing a business in our highly competitive and challenging environment. Which is why we are there, whenever you need us. Through our 24/7 support, our expert and dedicated technicians work to keep you connected. We’re not here to meet these expectations, we’re here to exceed them. We push the limits to create unlimited possibilities.


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