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How Paratus is the pulse that will connect Africa 

According to Statista.com, as of 2020, the average startup failure rate of businesses in Africa stood at 54 per cent. While the rate differed across countries, notable is the fact that just 20% are forecast to survive their first five years.  

Against this rather bleak and dark backdrop, Paratus shines out like a veritable beacon.  Not at all dull, therefore, is the news that Paratus – the African-born telco and network services provider – is celebrating its 20th anniversary of doing business successfully on the continent.   And, while Paratus Group may have reached an applaudable milestone, the group says that now is when they are really getting going.  Hard to believe when you clock the group’s achievements over the past 20 years but very credible when you look at the considerably significant deals the group is currently spearheading.  The group’s vision is clear to see – Paratus aims to transform Africa through exceptional infrastructure and customer service.  

While it’s also clear to see that the grass isn’t growing under anyone’s feet at Paratus, the expanse of their already robust network is growing fast, busy with creating a super-strong and complex web of network connections, through the group’s owned fiber networks, teleports, data centers and via major partnerships with the largest of the global low earth orbit (LEO) satellite operators.  With operating companies in seven southern African countries and satellite connectivity in over 35 African countries already, Paratus is now set on a mind-boggling trajectory to conquer the connectivity challenges that exist on the continent and, together with its big global partners, to provide the necessary glue that will make its main mission stick around for a lot longer than the next 20 years. 

The group is 100% geared up to double its revenue in the next five years. Spurred on and supported by its remarkable journey from a humble start-up in Angola back in 2003, one can quickly see why the Paratus Group is indeed not only well-qualified but also well-placed to realise its ambitious goals.  Easier to digest its success to date and the planned expansion, this bullet point list explains:   

  • Landed the Equiano cable in Namibia to provide 20 times the broadband capacity; 
  • Built a second teleport in Luanda, Angola to provide a connectivity hub for the region; 
  • Built and now manages four internationally accredited Data Centers in three African countries; 
  • Busy constructing the largest DC in Angola (due for completion in Q2 of 2024); 
  • Built a teleport in South Africa (due to be inaugurated in October 2023); 
  • Completing the last leg of the Trans Kalahari Network with cross-border links from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia (due for completion in November 2023); 
  • Completing the fiber link to create the first super-highway from southern Africa to the world; 
  • Rolling out a fiber network in Zambia for META to provide connectivity to 10 towns and cities; 
  • Championing the oil and gas industry with one-stop-shop solutions for on and offshore connectivity; 
  • Expanding into Central & West Africa; 
  • Consolidating its expansion into the Democratic Republic of Congo with more partnerships in that country; 
  • Creating the first cross-border links from anywhere in Mozambique to SA and beyond; 
  • Distribution and sales agreements with partners in various African countries to provide LEO satellite services to remote, rural and under-served regions and communities; 
  • Championing the battle against cyber-crime with sponsored hackathons to attract more IT professionals into the sector; 
  • Helping to upskill IT professionals in all the countries where the group operates; 
  • Providing a seamless connectivity service for all of its customers anywhere on the continent; 
  • Backing it all up with a round-the-clock sales and after-sales support service provided by trained technicians and experts; 
  • Being the ultimate African network – born and grown in Africa for Africa. 

Schalk Erasmus, the Paratus Group CEO, pretty much sums it up: “We believe that fast, safe, and ubiquitous connectivity is the essential life force that will unleash Africa’s potential. And that is why we are equipping African businesses and communities with the right tools and equipment, fully armed, into the future. As a network partner to our customers, we are working towards a shared goal to transform Africa, building bridges across Africa with our network of partners and customers, and providing round-the-clock support to ensure seamless connectivity. We believe that our network and our customer service are unequalled in Africa.“ 

“Our network is super-charged by speed, capacity, power and robust infrastructure; and this gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they are 100% connected all the time.  It’s a life force, pulsing throughout the continent, carrying the deals, the dreams and the details that make things happen.” 

Keep watching this space because it’s exciting, whirlwind innovations that are being created by this hyper-active and African-dedicated telecommunications company. At 20 years, they’re just getting started, … 

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