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Paratus is an Authorised Reseller of OneWeb LEO Solutions, providing fast, reliable and secure remote internet solutions across Africa.

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OneWeb Low Earth Orbit Solutions

Paratus is a leading OneWeb distribution partner, providing high-speed, low-latency connectivity for our customers, wherever they are.

OneWeb’s LEO constellation consists of hundreds of low Earth orbit satellites that provide a direct and secure connection to the internet. With OneWeb’s constellation, you can enjoy one way latency lower than 70 milliseconds and technical speeds up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up.

Paratus is your trusted partner for service and support. We have a strong terrestrial network that spans across East and West Africa, from Swakopmund to Dar es Salaam, with offices in seven African countries. We offer a range of solutions to suit your needs, such as fiber, wireless, data center solutions, teleport solutions, GEO Satellite and now Enterprise Level LEO . We also have a dedicated team of technicians who can install, configure, troubleshoot and maintain your OneWeb terminals with ease. We provide you with 24/7 customer service ensuring that you are always 100% connected.

Benefits of OneWeb LEO

Wide Coverage

OneWeb’s constellation of LEO satellites covers the entire globe, including remote and rural areas that are underserved by terrestrial networks. Whether you need to connect your offices, factories, farms, mines or other sites, OneWeb’s LEO solutions can provide you with reliable and consistent connectivity anywhere in Africa.

OneWeb - Ground Ops

High Speed, Low Latency

OneWeb’s LEO solutions deliver connectivity with download speeds up to 195 Mbps and latency lower than 70 ms. This means you can access cloud applications, stream high-definition video, conduct video conferencing, transfer large files and more with ease and efficiency. OneWeb’s LEO solutions also support multi-service Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize your critical network traffic and ensure optimal performance.

OneWeb - Security


OneWeb’s LEO solutions use advanced encryption and authentication technologies to protect your data and network from cyber threats. OneWeb’s LEO solutions also comply with the highest standards of Responsible Space, ensuring that the satellites are safely de-orbited at the end of their lifespan and do not contribute to space debris.

OneWeb - Satellites & PNT Capabilities

Top Quality Support

Paratus is committed to providing you with top quality support and rapid deployment of OneWeb’s LEO solutions. You can rely on our experienced and certified team of engineers and technicians to install and operate the User Terminals (UT) that connect you to OneWeb’s LEO network. Paratus also offers 24/7 customer service and technical support to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

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