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At Paratus, we are excited to offer you Starlink, the next-generation satellite internet service that delivers low-latency broadband to businesses across Africa. Starlink is the ideal solution for your business needs on land or at sea. As your authorised Starlink reseller, we provide you with a complete package of installation, maintenance, and support services, ensuring that you enjoy the best quality and reliability possible

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Paratus is only authorized to sell Starlink Business Services. Should you require residential services, please refer to the Starlink Website

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Starlink Business

The Paratus Starlink Solutions are premium satellite internet services for your business needs. With the Business packages, you have access to more than double the antenna strength of Starlink residential services and priority traffic, which results in lower latency, higher throughput, and exceptional reliability.

As your authorised Starlink reseller, Paratus delivers you a fully managed service, including additional service plans, installation, and 24/7 support to deliver the most robust connectivity solution possible.

How Starlink Works

Traditional satellite internet services use single geostationary satellites that orbit the Earth at a very high altitude (over 30,000 km). This means that the data has to travel a long distance between the user and the satellite, which causes high latency. High latency makes it difficult to use online applications that require fast and smooth data transmission, such as online collaboration, video conferencing, or cloud computing.

Starlink uses Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite technology that uses a constellation of thousands of satellites that orbit the Earth at a much lower altitude. This means that the data has to travel a shorter distance between the user and the satellite, which reduces latency significantly.

Difference Between GEO, MEO and LEO

Schematic of orbital altitude and coverage areas

Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite

Medium Earth Orbit Satellite

Low Earth Orbit Satellite

Improved reliability

Starlink Business Solutions are equipped with high gain antennas, which allow them to transmit and receive signals more efficiently and effectively. They also have additional throughput allocation, which means that they can handle more data traffic and bandwidth. 

These features enable Starlink Business to offer higher reliability for your internet service, which means that you can enjoy better performance and availability of your online applications. This is ideal for mission-critical operations 24/7, such as construction sites, energy projects, mining, marine vessels, and more.


Thanks to Priority Data, Starlink offers faster speeds (typically 40-220 Mbps download, 8-25 Mbps upload) & top network priority, enabling
high throughput connectivity for applications such as video-conferencing, cloud computing, remote working, SD-WAN, and more.

Top Quality Support

Everything we do is fully backed by the Paratus promise to provide you with exceptional customer service, every step of the way and at any time. Our 24/7 Network Operations Centers (NOCS) are on call for any enquiries from any customer anywhere in Africa. Our expertise is evident in everything we do; our technicians are professional, friendly, and efficient; and our after-sales support is unrivalled. We pride ourselves on our ability to deploy solutions quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our pledge and our promise to you – our customer – is what sets us apart.

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