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Paratus Launches BKF 840 Challenge for Staff to Celebrate Milestone and Promote Fitness

In a significant kick off to the new year, Paratus announces the initiation of the BKF 840 Challenge, a staff fitness challenge where teams of 5 will collectively run or walk, a total distance of 840km in 45 days, from 8th January to 21st February, 2024. 

This challenge not only promotes fitness but also symbolises and celebrates the triumphant completion of the Botswana Kalahari Fiber (BKF) project by the Paratus Botswana team. The BKF project, an 840km optic fiber cable stretching from Lobatse to the Mamuno/Buitepos border post, is a ground-breaking achievement that has been a testament to the collaborative efforts of dedicated staff members.

From the initial stages of conceptualisation and network design to the execution of on-the-ground infrastructure, both local and regional teams have played an instrumental role in bringing this project to fruition. Scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2024, the BKF project promises to deliver the lowest latency from Botswana to Europe, the lowest latency on a singular carrier from Botswana to Johannesburg and Cape Town and direct pathing to all major exchange points in lower SADC.

As we approach the completion of the BKF project, we take a moment not only to acknowledge its success but also to appreciate the simultaneous achievements of other significant projects. A fiber ring encircling Gaborone extending from Phakalane to Kgale, and the final stages of an international route to Pioneer Border Gate at Lobatse from Gaborone. This emphasises the unwavering commitment of Paratus to delivering redundancy and uninterrupted connectivity for customers.

With great anticipation for the lighting up of BKF, the Paratus BKF 840 Challenge invites you to unite with family and friends in a shared fitness journey. Join us in the collective achievement of our staff and celebrate the coming launch of a project that will reshape connectivity in Southern Africa. Together, let’s stride into a healthier and more connected era.

Discover more about the BKF project from the Infrastructure Manager on LinkedIn and lookout for updates on Paratus Botswana platforms as we draw closer to the launch.

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