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We offer customers a variety of broadband internet solutions to meet standard and unique connectivity requirements, ranging from home to Enterprise solutions. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technologies, we are able to deliver fast and reliable broadband services.

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Unique Benefits For Paratus Broadband Solutions

Paratus Africa - Advanced Technologies
Paratus Africa - Robust Infrastructure
Paratus Africa - End-To-End Single Point Service Solution
End-To-End Single Point Service Solution
Paratus Africa - Multiple Use Cases
Customised Solutions For Your Business

Africa's #1 Quality Network

Paratus Africa - Uptime With International Routes
Reliable Internet With International Routes
Paratus Africa - 24-7
Unrivalled After-Sales 24/7 Customer Support
Paratus Africa - Friendly Efficient Professional Technicians
Friendly, Efficient, Professional Technicians
Paratus Africa - High-Performance
High Speed, Reliable & Cost Effective

What We Do

We provide fiber, wireless, satellite and SDWAN solutions that are advanced enough to support the ambitions of enterprises, big and small, and personal enough to keep homes connected. We connect your business or your home, no matter where you are located, to the rest of the country, to the rest of Africa and to the rest of the world.

Connecting Africa For The World

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