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Paratus Namibia is the country's leading supplier of Connectivity, Networking, Voice, Cloud and Data Center services, with access provided via Fiber, Microwave, and Satellite.

The heart of
Africa’s network

Based in Windhoek, Paratus Namibia is part of the Paratus Group, which is the largest privately owned pan-African network operator. Paratus offers both business and private residences various internet access technologies such as fiber, microwave, V-SAT, as well as fixed and mobile LTE. These are all provided on a stable, reliable, and unlimited network that is scalable and provides redundancy, disaster recovery and route diversity to ensure maximum uptime. Paratus Namibia also hosts its own Earth station, linked to the fiber backbone, allowing capacity to be distributed countrywide.

Through our own framework, the Paratus Group provides ICT network solutions, fiber, and satellite connectivity that cross-links Africa and the world. We are a major telco player with an impressive footprint in Africa. We help businesses unlock their potential; we help people by providing them with the freedom to connect all the time, at any time. Paratus Namibia has always pushed the limits and developed the best connectivity solutions and network, so that our customers may, in turn, be unlimited in their reach, their impact and their future success. Our pioneering work, our innovation and our investment are the main drivers in our aim to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and service.

To make this happen, we have:

This means we can better serve our customers across Africa with a seamless quality network service and with a range of highly sophisticated network solutions and packages.

Paratus was born
& bred in Africa.

Paratus was born and bred in Africa. We have African ambitions in our sights because we understand our customers’ needs to be free to innovate, pioneer, and overcome boundaries in their quest for success. We know they need the best quality connectivity to succeed. Our world-class technology is delivered by our passionate and professional teams across the continent, and we are bound by a clear intent to help unleash the uncorked potential in Africa.

Over the last two decades, Paratus has grown into a full-service African telecommunications network spanning the continent, connected to the world. We continue to grow, to raise the connectivity bar and to disrupt the norm, because we want the people of Africa, and the businesses they own and run, to flourish. We are providing the main artery carrying their life blood to a successful future.

Paratus has highly skilled operational teams in seven African countries – Angola, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. Our extended network provides a satellite connectivity-focused service for Africa, and we also connect more than 37 African countries through a distributed reseller network across the continent.

Paratus Africa Group Mission
Paratus Africa - Digital lines

Our Vision

A transformed Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.

Our Purpose / Mission

To connect the world to Africa through locally owned infrastructure

Our Values

Paratus Africa - Namibia Team

Meet the Paratus Team

Paratus Africa Namibia Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall
Managing Director

Appointed: 25 September 2019
Qualification: B.Com with specialization in
Entrepreneurship (Cum Laude), Project Management (PMBOK)
Nationality: Namibian

Andrew has been in the telecommunication industry for more than 20 years. He started as a technical apprentice in 2001. He progressed rapidly due to his passion for the industry and commitment to ensuring projects were completed and implemented meticulously.

Moto: “Under-promise and over-deliver”

Paratus Africa Namibia Danie Malan
Danie Malan
Executive: Customer Service

Appointed: 1 September 2022
Nationality: Namibian

Danie has been in the telecommunication industry for more than 22 years. He started sales and marketing with Ericsson where he progressed rapidly due to his passion for the industry. Over the past 7 years, Danie has been actively involved with the expansion into Africa mainly supporting international operators as the Carrier Service Manager for Paratus Group.

Moto: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Genevieve Cloete
Executive: SALES

Appointed: 01 September 2022
Senior Leadership Program – University of Stellenbosch; Senior Management Program – University of Stellenbosch; Management Program – University of Stellenbosch
Nationality: Namibian

Genevieve has been in the telecommunication industry since 1995 when she started off as a Switchboard operator for MTC Namibia Limited. She joined Paratus as an Account Manager in 2012 and was promoted to Head of Sales. In 2017 she was again promoted to Sales Manager before taking the Sales Executive role for Paratus Namibia in 2022. She is very passionate about sales and customer service and places great value on customer satisfaction and achieving sales targets.

Moto: “Always give your utmost best and you will find joy in the results”

Paratus Africa Namibia Stefan Frank Schultz
Stefan Frank-Schultz
Executive: Technical

Appointed: 01 September 2022
Qualification: ND: Information Technology
Nationality: Namibian

Stefan Frank-Schultz joined the formidable Paratus team in 2015 in order to oversee the implementation of the new OSS/BSS business solution. In 2016, Stefan headed the Revenue Assurance Team within Paratus Telecom. He progressed to become Executive: Technical of Paratus Namibia in September 2022.

Working within large telecommunications-based corporates for more than 18 years with the responsibility for a diverse client/technology portfolio has given him the opportunity to work both collaboratively and autonomously, from understanding business and overseeing company-wide deployments.

Moto: “You can do it”

Paratus Social Investments

Because we are rooted in Africa, because we are driven to transform Africa through exceptional digital transformation, we give back.  As a socially aware and responsible company, Paratus Namibia is committed to helping where it can and particularly with the aim of building up the community around it.. 

For example, we help to close the digital divide by connecting schools to the Internet and through our involvement with Eduvision, we give students across the country access to a higher quality of education.
Paratus Africa - Namibia Eduvision


Eduvision offer recorded lessons in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to learners in Grades 10, 11 and 12 according to the Namibia Curriculum, NSSC (O) and NSSC (AS).

They offer this competitive edge by virtue of modern technology, bringing the classroom to your laptop or phone, in the comfort of your own home. This allows you to improve your future in a way that fits your busy schedule. Reaching your full potential has never been this easy.

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