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Paratus rolls out to 28 towns across Namibia

Leading telecommunications operator, Paratus Namibia has extended its retail footprint with the addition of 9 more resellers and 6 pop-up shops across the country.    Earlier...

Paratus Data Centers Unequalled In Africa

Paratus Data Centers Unequalled In Africa

08 March 2023: Paratus Group, the African-born telco, announces that all five of the group’s Data Centers have been awarded ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 27001...

Paratus Africa - Schalk Erasmus

Schalk Erasmus

Steady as he goes  When you’re conquering the high seas, you need a good captain and an adept helmsman. The man at Paratus who is...

Equiano: The cable has landed

Equiano: The cable has landed

23 June 2022, Swakopmund:  Following the announcement in February 2021 that African telco, Paratus Group, together with Telecom Namibia, had been selected to build the cable...

The Paratus Group’s top operator

The Paratus Group’s top operator

Everyone in the business knows that the pan-African telco sector is a complex network filled with license agreements and multiple complications around the technologies and...

Paratus Africa - Rolf Mendelsohn

Rolf Mendelsohn

There is a particular breed of man in Africa who does not shy away from challenges and instead seeks them out. Here is a man...

Paratus Africa - Samantha Geyser

Samantha Geyser

This Queen Bee’s a Hive of Information  Of course, there are plenty of women working at a high level in male-dominated industries around the world...

Paratus Africa Group

Paratus Namibia strengthens executive team

Paratus Namibia announces key internal appointments to help enable its rapid expansion.  Managing Director, Andrew Hall who previously held the overall sales function responsibility for...

Paratus Africa Group

Armada Windhoek DC release

What’s green, safe, and cloud-based?  The new Paratus Armada Data Center facility (DC) is impressive for its environmental integrity, its absolute security, and its focus...

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