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We know how important it is for you to connect and be connected, all the time, at any time. That’s why we give you reliable, seamless connectivity options. Paratus is Africa’s quality connection offering voice, Internet, and satellite services for home and personal use. If you want an unbroken and affordable connection giving you limitless opportunities to connect with anyone anywhere and at any time; we have the service and the package to suit you.


Paratus Africa Connectivity


More data when you need it most. With our convenient and easy-to-use top ups, you can stay connected with the world.

Paratus Africa - VSAT

Remote Internet

Out of town doesn’t have to mean out of range. With VSAT at your lodge, farm, or home, you can stay connected and enjoy quality, high-speed Internet wherever you are.

Paratus Africa Connectivity

Product Bundles

Get the freedom to enjoy connectivity in more than one place and enjoy the freedom of Fiber and mobility of Mobile-LTE when you’re on the move and stay connected wherever Paratus has coverage.

Paratus Africa - NETWORK


Mobile LTE provides wireless Internet technology and is born from our passion to help people connect.
Mobile LTE Router Upgrades
Mobile LTE Pre-Paid Packages
Access to the world with uncapped connectivity with Paratus’ latest Mobile-LTE offerings, LTE-Infinity and LTE-Infinity LITE.

Paratus Africa - FIBER


With Fiber technology, we bring fast and reliable Internet to your home or business. With a wide variety of options, you can download, stream, Skype, Teams, chat and browse without losing connectivity or speed.

Paratus Africa - Sky

Wireless Fiber (SKY-Fi)

Take flight and soar with SKY-Fi from Paratus, at accelerated speeds.

Paratus Africa - Portable

Portable Devices

Unlock Ka-ching and get unlimited income potential with Katiti.

Paratus Africa - Voice


Our Voice and PBX solutions offer reliable communication options that combine high quality with affordability. Services include PPX and CallCenter, mobile LCR (Least Cost Routing), National and International LCR, Direct Inward Dialling (DID) and custom solutions.

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