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We offer a comprehensive Satellite service that reaches over 35 African countries through our extended satellite network. Our network comprises of 5 teleports and thousands of customer sites, providing a reliable and high-performance service to businesses of all sizes. We are a LEO & GEO Satellite services provider.

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Unique Benefits of Paratus Satellite Services

Paratus Africa - Advanced Technologies
Reliable & Cost Effective
Paratus Africa - End-To-End Single-Point Service Solution
Full-Spectrum, End-To-End Service
Paratus Africa - Secure Robust Resilient Access To Satellite Networks
Secure, Robust & Resilient Access To Satellite Networks
Paratus Africa - Customised Solutions For Your Business
Customised Solutions For Your Business

Africa's #1 Quality Network

Paratus Africa - Uptime With International Routes
Paratus Africa - High-Performance
Guaranteed High-Bandwidth
Paratus Africa - Broadband Internet Solutions
Paratus Africa - Quick Affordable Deployment
Quick & Affordable Deployment
Paratus Africa - 24-7
24/7 Customer Service
Paratus Africa - Professional Installation Teams
Professional Installation Teams

What we do

We provide fiber, wireless, satellite and SDWAN solutions that are advanced enough to support the ambitions of enterprises, big and small, and personal enough to keep homes connected. We connect your business or your home, no matter where you are located, to the rest of the country, to the rest of Africa and to the rest of the world.

Your trusted provider of VSAT technology

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