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A connection to the Internet no matter where you are

Fast and
Robust Internet

Paratus South Africa is a leading supplier of connectivity, internet, and satellite services in the region, offering reliable solutions to keep you connected.

Seamless Fiber and Broadband Solutions

With our comprehensive range of services, we cater to businesses and individuals seeking fast and robust internet connectivity. Experience the power of our broadband solutions, which are optimised to meet the diverse needs of businesses throughout South Africa.

Setting the National Standard

At Paratus South Africa, we take pride in our commitment to providing quality services and setting the standard for reliable connectivity in the region.
Explore fast and reliable satellite home internet connectivity solutions from Paratus South Africa. Enhance your household’s online experiences with our seamless services, tailored to meet your specific connectivity needs.

Versatile, Alternate Connectivity Solutions

If satellite internet doesn’t align with your requirements, don’t worry because Paratus Africa offers an array of alternative connectivity solutions, including Fixed LTE, Fiber to the Home, and wireless options. Through our strong partnerships with multiple service providers across South Africa, we bring you the finest internet options tailored to your specific needs. Rely on our expertise in the field as we guide you to the perfect internet connection that suits both your requirements and budget. Elevate your internet experience – reach out to us now and get connected today!