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Navigating New Horizons

Dig beneath the surface of this seemingly tough executive, and you’ll discover Kallie Carlsen’s extraordinary essence. The tough bravado is just a cover for his...

Paratus Africa - Schalk Erasmus
Schalk Erasmus

Steady as he goes  When you’re conquering the high seas, you need a good captain and an adept helmsman. The man at Paratus who is...

The Paratus Group’s top operator
The Paratus Group’s top operator

Everyone in the business knows that the pan-African telco sector is a complex network filled with license agreements and multiple complications around the technologies and...

Paratus Africa - Rolf Mendelsohn
Rolf Mendelsohn

There is a particular breed of man in Africa who does not shy away from challenges and instead seeks them out. Here is a man...

Paratus Africa - Samantha Geyser
Samantha Geyser

This Queen Bee’s a Hive of Information  Of course, there are plenty of women working at a high level in male-dominated industries around the world...

Paratus Launches Double-Edged Sword
Paratus Launches Double-Edged Sword

Thinking big for businesses in southern Africa And mitigating need to pay double for services Cutting through a multitude of offerings, Paratus is taking the...

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