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Paratus South Africa and Eutelsat OneWeb Launch Connectivity Services

16 January 2023: Paratus South Africa, and low earth orbit satellite (LEO) operator, Eutelsat OneWeb, (part of Eutelsat Group), have launched revolutionary new connectivity services in South Africa. This is significant for Paratus South Africa because they already provide Geostationary (GEO) satellite services through their long-standing partnership with Eutelsat Group, and this new agreement further strengthens Paratus South Africa’s satellite connectivity offering. The LEO and GEO services will appeal to business sectors operating in remote parts of the country including retail, banking, mining, agriculture and tourism.

Unique benefits of the LEO connectivity solutions:

  1. The Eutelsat OneWeb services are connected to the Paratus core fibre network at the point of presence (PoP) in Teraco Isando. This 20,000km network spans 10 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. This means that Paratus will offer unique high-capacity, resilient and quality of service to its customers, regardless of their location or connectivity needs.
  2. Paratus South Africa’s customer support is now extended to LEO services, which provides 24/7/365 assistance and a seamless and streamlined installation process, guaranteeing an optimal customer experience.
  3. Revolutionary LEO technology is transforming the connectivity landscape as the satellite constellation orbits at lower altitudes to provide lower latency.
  4. With the Paratus South Africa and Eutelsat Group partnership, the GEO offering is complemented by this new LEO service to provide customers a diverse set of options and benefits including resilience and backup connectivity.

Commenting on this milestone, MD of Paratus South Africa, Kallie Carlsen says: “Introducing the Eutelsat OneWeb LEO service is a momentous step for the telecommunications industry in South Africa. As a nation, we are embracing the future of connectivity, transcending geographical boundaries, and enabling opportunities like never before. As satellite experts, we are uniquely placed to empower more and more people and businesses in South Africa with this landmark partnership.”

Kallie Carlsen standing next to OneWeb antenna

Eutelsat OneWeb has installed its Satellite Network Portals (SNP) in South Africa, Ghana, Angola and Mauritius and continues to secure strategic partnerships to roll out its coverage solutions. The LEO service offering will be to provide high-speed, low-latency internet access in regions where traditional connectivity might be challenging or previously non-existent. Carlsen continues: “These services will open new possibilities for business expansion, innovation and efficiency. The applications extend across various sectors, from enhancing communication and collaboration to enabling new services in healthcare, education, finance, mining, and industry. It gives South African enterprises the opportunity to be more competitive on the global stage and fosters regional economic development.

Cyril Dujardin, co-General Manager of Eutelsat OneWeb, says: “The adaptability and scalability of the Eutelsat OneWeb system make it a promising solution for the diverse and unique challenges faced by the African continent. Together with Paratus, we will demonstrate how LEO can overcome geographical barriers and redefine connectivity in the region, to serve banking, mining, enterprise and offshore markets, and to set a benchmark for future communications excellence in South Africa.”

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