About us

At Paratus Zambia, we believe connectivity is the key to growing our country.

The heart of
Africa’s network
This is what drives us to help you succeed and ensure that your connection is always on and always stable. Via our own extensive fiber and microwave network, we provide exceptional quality service to hundreds of Zambian businesses in many different industry sectors. Our robust network extends to all major industrial and commercial centers throughout Zambia and the SADC, and we are extending our network in line with our customers’ needs and growth. By getting behind business, we have your back – and we are making it possible for you to connect with anyone and everyone throughout Africa and the world beyond.
Based in Lusaka, Paratus Zambia is part of the Paratus Group, which is the largest privately owned pan-African network operator, and offers various access technologies such as fiber, microwave, and V-SAT. These are all provided on a stable, reliable, recovery and unlimited network that is scalable and provides redundancy, disaster and route diversity to ensure maximum uptime.

Your aspirations are our inspiration.

Our central location allows us to play a key strategic role in the region. We provide critical backhaul routes in delivering a quality service with maximum uptime – for you and for your business.

Through Paratus Group, we can connect you to the rest of Africa and to the world. Our strategically planned network of agreements and relationships with other carrier networks means we deliver a high-quality and world-class pan-African network. As owners and managers of one of Africa’s largest infrastructure networks, we deliver an end-to-end, single-point service solution to your door.

We have always stuck fast to our vision for establishing Africa’s quality network and to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.

To make this happen, we have:

All of this means you receive a seamless quality network service and a range of highly sophisticated network solutions and packages.

Paratus was born
& bred in Africa.

Paratus was born and bred in Africa, and we have African ambitions in our sights because we want our customers to be free to innovate, pioneer, and overcome boundaries in their quest for success. We understand that you need the best quality connectivity to succeed. Our world-class technology is delivered by our passionate and professional teams across the continent, and we are bound by a clear intent to help unleash the uncorked potential in Africa.

Over the last two decades, Paratus has grown into a full-service African telecommunications network spanning the continent, connected to the world. We continue to grow, to raise the connectivity bar and to disrupt the norm, because we want the people of Africa, and the businesses they own and run, to flourish. We are providing the main artery carrying their life blood to a successful future.

Paratus has highly skilled operational teams in seven African countries – Angola, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia. Our extended network provides a satellite connectivity-focused service for Africa, and we also connect more than 35 African countries through a distributed reseller network across the continent.


Our Vision

A transformed Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service.

Our Purpose / Mission

To connect the world to Africa through locally owned infrastructure

Our Values

Meet the Paratus Team

Marius van Vuuren

Country Manager

Marius has been with Paratus for over 10 years and is responsible for the overall management of the Zambian operation. Under his leadership, Paratus Zambia is the fastest-growing digital services provider in Zambia with over 50 employees. He aims to continue this trend and make Paratus the number 1 digital service provider in Zambia with unmatched service, support, and quality.

Chama Chinyanta

General Manager: Infrastructure

Chama has been with Paratus for 13 years and is currently leading operations, technical staff and infrastructure deployment. He’s helped the company in acquiring licensing and deployed numerous projects. He enjoys working on infrastructure projects and aims to make Paratus the top digital services provider in Zambia.

Geoff Hardwick

Commercial Lead
Geoff has over 20 years working experience in telecommunications and digital service provision across many African countries. Before joining Paratus Zambia in 2023, he led a multi-national digital service provider with operations in 6 sub-Saharan countries. Having settled in Zambia, his focus is on being part of a successful team that develops and grows Paratus. He is also the Chairperson of the Network and Service Providers Association of Zambia (NSPAZ).

Ian Finch

Manager: Data Center
With over nine years of dedicated service at Paratus, Ian has evolved from a NOC technician to a seasoned Network Engineer, and now proudly serves as the Data Center Manager. Over the past nine years, he has honed his skills in network design and operations, transitioning seamlessly into orchestrating cutting-edge data environments. His expertise spans the breadth of IT infrastructure, from servers to SD-WAN, and various other technologies, including Cisco systems.

Vincent Mwamba

Manager: Core Network
Vincent, boasting a solid background in network engineering, excels at constructing and managing intricate network infrastructures. His expertise, refined through years in the telecommunications industry includes Cisco Nexus, LAN-WAN, and post-sales abilities. Since joining, he has played a pivotal role in advancing Paratus’s network capabilities and guaranteeing premium service delivery, cementing the company’s status as a premier digital services provider.

Sudha Kuttinath

Commercial Manager: Finance/Admin
Sudah has been with Paratus for 10 years and is responsible for coordinating admin and accounts tasks. She has a strong relationship with staff and management and enjoys being part of the Paratus Zambia team. She is focused on getting the team more organized and aiming for consistent efficiency in the department.

Khyati Valand

Manager: Finance
With 15+ years in finance. Khyati has mastered the art of financial management and has demonstrated a solid commitment to excellence and a passion for driving business success through sound financial decisions. Under Paratus, she consistently delivers results, optimizes processes, and provides valuable insights that contribute to the growth and profitability of Zambia’s quality Network

James Nyirenda

Manager: Installations
With over ten years of experience, James leads Paratus Zambia’s installations teams in the execution of complex network installations that span the entire country. His expertise ensures that every project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency, contributing to Paratus Zambia’s reputation for excellence and reliability.

Jeremy Banda

Manager: Projects
Jeremy has been with Paratus for 5 years, and before that, had worked with Paratus as a partner for nearly 15 years. He is responsible for the Projects team that is at the heart of Paratus’s service delivery which aims to provide quality services to end users in the shortest possible time frame. He is well-versed in the sphere of project management and enjoys the challenge of implementing unique solutions to customer challenges.

Indira Musenge

Manager: Network Operations Center
Indira Musenge Chansa is a seasoned NOC, with over 8 years of expertise in telecommunications and customer Service. Her managerial prowess extends to guiding technical teams, troubleshooting networking issues, conducting training sessions, and optimizing team performance. At Paratus, she leads the development of structured NOC processes, enhancing operational efficiency and significantly reducing downtime.