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Paratus offers tailor-made Cloud Solutions to unlock the true potential of your business. Keep your business documents and communication secure and readily available with state- of-the-art Cloud Solutions. Our hosted services provide, amongst other things, public, private and hybrid Cloud Solutions with guaranteed availability based on robust data centres and connectivity infrastructure. We remove big upfront costs and allow technology costs to scale as you grow, saving you money and eliminating financial risks.

Remove the complexity and risk of on-premise infrastructure. With flexibility unmatched in the market, our Cloud Solutions offer an effective solution tailored to your business requirements.

Hosted Services

Service features

Hosted Firewall

Protect your business’s important communications with advanced firewall technology. Use our high-end, clustered FortiGate® solution for a virtual firewall with full management and expert advice or manage it on your own. Full reporting is available through FortiAnalyser®.


Have a virtual environment? Use our services to extend your backup infrastructure to the cloud. No need for local in-house cloud expertise or the capital to invest in your own redundant architecture. Our services make it easy to securely extend your backup infrastructure to our cloud with a few simple clicks.

Virtual Servers

Host your servers in our virtual environment and get the storage, security and convenience you need. Choose from several standard virtual machine configurations and your choice of storage capacity. Built on enterprise grade hardware and award winning software virtualisation, we are able to offer complete disaster recovery and replication services which leverage the existing robust MPLS/IP Backbone. Cloud services can be tailored into a customers’ established MPLS Network or designed from the ground up with our full connectivity options.


Need offsite storage for various reasons or as a repository? We’ll give you secure, convenient storage – no matter how much you need.

DNS & Domain Hosting

Paratus can provide Domain registration and hosting under the Zambia TLD. It’s quick, easy, affordable.

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