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Paratus Zambia’s Data Center Unlocks Opportunities with Secure Data Localization

In the heart of Lusaka stands Paratus Zambia’s state-of-the-art Data Center, a
beacon of digital innovation and a testament to our commitment to advancing
Zambia’s digital economy. Our facility, designed to Tier-III standards, is not just a
data repository; it’s the engine room for businesses to thrive in the digital age.
The digital economy is increasingly becoming the backbone of modern commerce
and industry. The rapid transformation has brought to the forefront the critical need
for robust infrastructure capable of securely managing and storing vast amounts of
data locally. Paratus Zambia, with our world-class tier-III (by design) Data Center and
locally hosted cloud solutions, is strategically positioned to meet and exceed the
demands of this new economy.

We recently had the privilege of hosting the esteemed Data Protection
Commissioner of Zambia, Mr. Likando Lyuwa for an exclusive tour of our state-of-
the-art Data Center in Lusaka. During the tour, a key topic of discussion with the
Data Commissioner was data localization. The enactment of the Zambian Data
Protection Act of 2021 has established a new standard for data privacy and security,
necessitating stringent data localization measures. This legislative mandate
underscores both the challenges and opportunities presented to businesses.
Navigating the intricacies of the Zambian Data Protection Act can be daunting.
However, Paratus Zambia simplifies this journey by offering scalable infrastructure
solutions to grow alongside your business needs, alleviating the financial strain
associated with establishing local data storage and processing facilities. Beyond
regulatory compliance, data localization becomes a strategic asset for businesses
operating within Zambia’s borders. By keeping data within the country, we offer
companies greater control over their digital assets and enable faster response times
crucial for applications requiring high performance and minimal latency.

The discussion further delved into how data centers are the linchpins of such an
initiative, providing secure, resilient environments for business growth and continuity.
Our Data Center – a carrier-neutral hub of connectivity, offers companies with
physical and virtual hosting services ensuring content availability, performance, and
security of content across the region.

We also covered the myriad ways in which our Data Centers advance digital
transformation for our clients. Our facilities are PCI DSS, and ISO certified, reflecting
our commitment to maintaining the highest international standards on data
management and information security, particularly in payment card security – an
essential feature for enabling e-commerce and secure digital transactions.
Paratus Zambia goes beyond mere data center provision; we serve as digital
transformation partners. Leveraging state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies
and platforms like VMware and Veeam, we deliver tailored cloud solutions that offer
our clients unmatched flexibility, scalability, and security. Our services are designed
to help companies seamlessly adapt to the growing demands of the digital economy.
In conclusion, as Zambia’s leading digital transformation partner, Paratus Zambia
plays a critical role in empowering businesses to embrace the future with confidence.

Data localization is not just about control – it’s about catalyzing a transformative
digital economy that is secure, resilient, and ready for the global stage.
Discover how Paratus Zambia’s Data Center solutions can unlock digital
opportunities for your business today.

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