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Satellite, Fiber & Wireless Internet Solutions

State of the Art

Our state-of-the-art teleport infrastructure ensures fully redundant and secure access to satellite networks, making our Business Satellite solutions the epitome of reliability and ideal for critical business operations and as a robust backup option.

Full Spectrum End-to-End Service

We are a leading provider of last-mile, satellite-based Internet in South Africa. You get custom, full-spectrum, end-to-end service satellite technology solutions from our team of specialists.

When & Where You Need It

Some examples of industries that can benefit from our Satellite solutions include emergency response, education, finance, retail, and remote and rural communities.

High-Speed Fiber and Wireless Internet

Maximize Business Connectivity with Our Broadband Internet Solutions:

Discover why businesses in South Africa choose Paratus Africa for their broadband internet needs. Elevate your connectivity experience today with our exceptional services, including first-rate Fiber solutions.

Contact Paratus South Africa today and embrace the future of Internet connectivity with confidence.

Eutelsat Oneweb (LEO)

Access low earth orbit (LEO) connectivity via our partnership with OneWeb. Our services cater to carrier and enterprise companies worldwide, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.


Your connection to high-speed success.

Isn’t it time your business enjoyed bullet-fast connectivity? Fiber, with high-speed access and reliable connectivity, will give your business the heavy-hitting connectivity it needs to stay ahead in a competitive world.

In order to provide you with an extra layer of resilience, we implement auto-failover from fiber to wireless in the event that your primary link goes down, making double sure that that your business can continue to operate.


Experience lightning-fast connectivity with 5G wireless technology. Enjoy higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, increased reliability, and massive network capacity. 5G empowers new user experiences and connects industries like never before.


Stay connected with LTE, the cutting-edge wireless broadband communication standard for mobile devices and data terminals. Based on GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA standards, LTE offers improved capacity and speed through advanced radio interface and core network enhancements. Upgrade your connectivity with LTE.

On-Net Teleport Services

Leverage our owned and managed Teleport Infrastructure. We offer KU and C Band solutions with customizable contention ratios. CPE Comprises of:

Choose from our flexible options:

  1. Layer 2: Hand off in Teraco, with clients securing their own cross-connection.
  2. Layer 3: Includes a /30 IP Block with 2 usable IP addresses.

Experience the difference with our On-Net Teleport Services, tailored to your connectivity needs.